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New Youth Forum Website

Title Name Contact Details Roles & Responsibilities
National Coordinator Rohit Setty settyrb@umich.edu
Organize youth events - both fun and educational
Pre-Conference Events Shantala Surya (NY-NJ-PA)
Naveen Krishnamurthy(DC-MD-VA)
Organize pre-conference parties in the NY-NJ-PA & the DC-MD-VA
13-18 Activities Atheeth Hiremath hirematheeth@gmail.com Organize activities for 13-18 age group
18-35 Social Events Ashwini Anjanappa
Naveen Krishnamurthy
Shankara Ettigi
Organize activities for 18-35 age group
Mela Sindhu Raghunandan
Pratik Dixit
Organize the Mela/Carnival
Business Forum Networking Hour Tejas Gopal tgsoccerstar04@yahoo.com Coordinate Youth Forum and Business Forum networking happy hour
Reading/Play/Craft Room Mala Murthy keepsmilin@gmail.com Organize reading/art/craft room
Website/ Marketing Karthik Rau
Gautam Rattehalli
Develop/Manage website and marketing materials

AKKA WKC Youth Forum 2006

For those coming to the AKKA Youth Forum 2006 without ID, those that are considered youth as stated on their ID, and those who hide their ID's when asked.

Our goal is to make the forum so enticing that you are the ones motivating your parents to come to the conference and they are not the ones dragging you.

To maximize the benefits for each of the attendees, the "Youth" category up into three levels -
a. 6-12
b. 13-18
c. 18+

Here's some of the potential discussions and activities being planned at the WKC Youth Forum. Programs will be entertaining, engaging and educational.
Discussion Ideas

  • Investing 101
  • "What are my Roots?" - Discussions of Histories,Archaeologies, Literatures, Arts, Environments, Religions, Governments etc. of Karnataka
  • Textbook Controversy - U.S. and India
  • Neighbor Nations
  • "Got Globalization?" - What is the nature of "Globalization" in Karnataka from multiple perspectives - business, law, politics, and education?
  • Non-traditional Jobs
  • "More than shopping and idli" - Making the most of that Trip to India with the family
  • The Bangalore "Scene"

Activity Ideas

  • Social Happy Hour
  • Video Scavenger Hunt
  • Carrom Tournament
  • Cooking for Kannadigas
  • Networking Breakfast
  • Children's Reading Room
  • Arts and Crafts Room
  • BBQ - Yes, croquet will be played.
  • Mela - Carnival, Indian style
  • Cruise/ "Disco" - For costume ideas please watch the dance scene from "Amar, Akbar, Antony"
  • Coordination with the Indian visitors
  • The overall conference plans on bringing in doctors, artists, entrepreneurs, politicians, musicians, etc. they are being asked to offer short programs for the youth participants in a short, lively, interactive forum - all of which would be modified to be age appropriate, i.e. dance lessons, tabla workshops, poetry readings, craft making, job discussions...
  • Cooperative discussion among participants
  • Connecting with overall conference The AKKA WKC Youth Forum group blog is now up and running! Please tell your friends, family, your cousin-brothers and cousin-sisters, and any Kannadiga you meet on the street. Invite them to join so they can learn more about the events, connect with friends, and offer more ideas.

    Please visit WKC 2006 Youth forum blog


    For more information please contact Rohit Setty at settyrb@umich.edu or call 734-645-1445

    Rohit Setty
    Program Associate
    Center for South Asian Studies
    University of Michigan
    Tel: 734-763-5408

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