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Conference Values and Ethics - Kannada Version Conference Values and Ethics - English Version

Conference Values and Ethics

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On the occasion of Kaveri's hosting of the Fourth AKKA World Kannada Conference, we the conveners, coordinators, volunteers, authors, artists and trades people, as well as participants in the Conference-related activities such as the Spiritual session, Continuing Medical Education and Business Forum plan to adopt the values noted below to create the best environment for its successful completion.
  1. Let us remember that all participants deserve the respect of each other.
  2. Let us treat our elders with due consideration, and facilitate their participation in every aspect of the Conference.
  3. Let us treat our children with affection, and promote their safety and welfare.
  4. Let us accord our womenfolk the utmost respect and consideration.
  5. Let us accord primacy to our guests on all occasions.
  6. Let us extend a helping hand to our guests from India, whenever it is needed.
  7. To those who are physically or otherwise handicapped, to expectant mothers and those with small children, and anyone else needing special assistance, let us accord priority in the dining areas.
  8. Let us extend a hearty welcome to our literary personalities, artists and invitees.
  9. Let us always conduct ourselves with dignity in the auditoria, conference rooms, dining areas and stalls.
  10. Let us endeavor to conduct our activities in a timely manner.
  11. Let the performers on the stage as well as those in the audience abide by the rulings of those in charge of time management.
  12. Let us participate in the achievement of others, and express our appreciation of superior performance while also demonstrating patience and understanding with any program which may fall short of expectation.
  13. Let us demonstrate discipline and equanimity in our reaction to any of the programs.
  14. Let us display interest and understanding during our conversations and discussion with fellow participants.
  15. Let us adhere to all prescribed rules while in hotel guestrooms, dining rooms and Conference areas, while also helping to maximize cleanliness.
  16. The security of the Conference's facilities and property also contributes to our own security. Let us therefore be extra vigilant at all times.
  17. Let us stay together whenever possible in moving between our hotels and the Convention Center.
  18. Let us forgive and forget any minor lapses by performers and those in charge of the Conference programs.
  19. Let us contribute in every way to an enrichment of the Conference experience by every participant.
  20. This is a Kannada Conference. Let us all speak in Kannada. Let us revel in the glorification of the Kannada language, the Kannada land, the Kannadigas and our Kannada culture.

Let our glorious Kannada Land be Victorious! Let our glorious Kannada Land Endure!!

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