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Kumara Rama : Shiva Raj Kumar
Cyanide: Tara, Malavika, Avinash, Rangayana Raghu
Haseena: Tara
Kanoor Heggadati

Movie shows List

Note: All movie listed below are only tentative list.
The movie shows and titles are subjected to change at any time

** Images are taken from Google and VikranataKarnataka.com
Director: A.M.R. Ramesh
Producer: Halappa, Kenchappa Gowda
Cast: Ravi Kale, Malavika, Avinash, Rangayana Raghu, Tara, Nasser, Ashok Rao
Music:Sandeep Chowta
Cinematography: Rathnavelu
Editing: Anthony
Screenplay: A.M.R. Ramesh
Story/Writer: A.M.R. Ramesh
About the movie
"Cyanide" is an outstanding effort by Chennai film institute alumni A.M.R.Ramesh who has shown his level of excellence in just his second film. His first film "Santhosha", a breezy love story with new comers did not set the Box office by fire, but it was hailed as a sincere effort by a new comer.

Ramesh has this time ventured into making a thriller based on a real life occurrence. For "Cyanide" he has taken the incidents that occurred in the peripheries of Bangalore after the assassins of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi stepped into the city. The whole narration is gripping and a seat edging story telling is sustained throughout the film.

The director has chosen to select each of the characters very carefully by making some comparisons to the original characters. The star cast is very perfect and the characters are easily identifiable even by their appearances. For example Marati Actor Ravi Kale, multilingual actress Malavika, National award winning actress Tara and talented actor Rangayana Raghu look every inch like the real life persons one eyed Jack Shivarasan, Shubha, Mrudula and Ranganath. The Police team led by Avinash has also acted and looks perfectly as police officers on a serious mission.

It is normally felt that making films on real life incidents may prove to be very difficult as the chances of taking cinematic freedom is restricted. And to narrate such happenings in a two hour time frame without a weak moment is in itself a great challenge. Director Ramesh accepts the challenge to deliver a perfect ten film. "Cyanide" is indeed one of the best Kannada films to have been released recently.

"Cyanide" is fantastically packaged with the finest technical values and some great acting performances. Though the film has no songs, the 115 minute film keeps you engaged through out and you may have to hold your breath continuously.

Ramesh has not compromised in the making of the film and despite not having a big star cast; he has taken care to select the finest technicians down south. All the big names Cameraman Rathnavelu, Music Director Sandeep Chowta and Editor Anthony have supported the director to the hilt. Cameraman Rathnavelu who has worked in several top commercial films comes to Kannada films for the first time to take the cake for his stupendous work behind the camera. It is Mumbai based Kannadiga Sandeep Chowta who stands out with his background score which matches the mood of the film. Anthony makes a sharp work and his editing work is most appealing. Ramesh's dialogues are crisp and effective.

"Cyanide" is backed by some fantastic performances by Ravi Kale, Malavika, Avinash, Tara, Nasser and other artists. Ravi Kale's appearance on screen is enough to frighten you. Avinash delivers a dignified performance as Senior Police officer Kempaiah who tracked the militant tigers through his painstaking investigations. But it is Tara yet again who scores in the role of much tormented Mrudula. Rangayana Raghu looks every inch like Ranganath and he has excelled in his work. All the other artists have done their roles with dedication and competence.
Totally "Cyanide" comes out as a fresh wave of fragrance which is extremely likeable. It is a must see film for not only Kannada film enthusiasts, but all the film buffs who look for some quality effort.

Director: Girish Kasaravalli
Producer: Star Communications Limited
Cast: Tara, Chandrahasa Ullal, R.Nagesh, Chitra Shenoy, Purushotham, Ruthu, Bhargavi
Music: Thomas Issac
Cinematography: S.Ramchandra, Bhaskar
Screenplay: Girish Kasaravalli

About the Movie
Girish Kasaravalli is a well-known name in the national and international film circuit. His films have always stood out for realistic presentations. In the South there are only two film directors-Adoor Gopala Krishnan and Girish Kasaravalli- who would make films in their own way without compromising on committed values. Their films have always been appreciated by a cross section of the film audience for their authentic presentations and high voltage performances from lead artists. Girish Kasaravalli's latest film 'Haseena' is one of his best films that deals with the trials and turmoil of a bold Muslim woman who fights for her rights.
'Haseena' is an issue based classy film, which is based on a story written by well-known Kannada writer Bhanu Mustaq. Bhanu Mustaq hails from the coastal Karnatak region of Karnataka and has been steadfastly raising issues concerning the plight of Muslim woman who are exploited and tortured. It is certainly a high quality presentation.

The film has a strong emotional content with a pace narration which will be liked even by audience who are seeing films regularly in commercial circuit. The master crafts man that he is, Girish Kasarvalli has made some alterations for his script and has come out with a strong statement through this film. The technical wok of the film is top class.

'Haseena' presents the touching story of a Muslim woman deserted by her husband. The film has deservedly won National awards for four people associated with the film including for its leading actress Tara who won the Best Actress National award for the first time. It has also won two additional awards in the category of Best Film under family welfare and Costume designing.

Haseena is a poor woman who works day and night to earn some money to look after her three daughters. Her husband has deserted her because she has not given birth to a mail child and is already on a look out for a marriage with another woman. Haseena has three daughters including a visually impaired teenager. Haseena wants her husband to return to her and complains about it to the local masjid authorities. In another development she also learns that her daughter's blindness could be cured. She starts to save money and also fight for justice. But in the quest of justice, she will be continued to be tortured by her husband. Haseena is prepared for a combat to get justice. But unfortunately she is rebutted and neglected by the masjid mutavalli. She becomes a pawn in the masjid politics.

Girish portrays the tragic tale of Haseena in a touching manner. A good crew backs him up with Ramachandra coming out best in the camera department. The art department and costume designing of the film has already obtained the recognition in the form of a National award. The song less film has a good background score by Thomas Issac.

Tara comes out with a sterling performance in the film and it is no wonder that the National Jury found her fully deserved candidate for the Best Actress award. She proves that she is one of the best actors in the country. Chandrahas Ullal who had worked in small roles in a few art films and who has worked for a theatre group has come out with a potent performance as a tormenting husband of Haseena. Well-known theatre artists Purushoththam and R.Nagesh have also done their roles perfectly. Ruthu and Chitra Shenoy have played their roles adequately.

'Haseena' is a film that could be enjoyed by audience who look for creative output in films. The audience who are passionate about quality films should also see this film for Girish Kasaravalli's directorial talents and absorbing performance by Tara.

Director: Priyabharati
Executive Producer: Janardhana Ramachandra
Cinematographer: Satya Hegde
Dialogues: Ramaiah K. and Manju Sarakki
Music Director: Rajesh Ramnath
Art Director: Ramesh Desai & Shilpa Yejaman

Assistant Directors:
Srinath T. Venugopal
Ravindranath Devaraj D.

Story For several days, the Indian police have been hunting for Shreya Prakash, a young woman who is suspected to have been kidnapped. Her wealthy NRI mother Vijaya flies in from America to try and find her. But it turns out Shreya's "disappearance" was pre-planned! Quite by accident, she ventures near the house of Deepak Narayan, a recent college graduate. His family invites her in to Deepavali pooja and dinner.

One thing leads to another, and soon Shreya's family is shocked to see a marriage procession on television wherein Shreya is the bride and Deepak is her groom! Vijaya immediately sends the police after Deepak on charges of kidnapping and unlawfully marrying a minor. Deepak and Shreya find themselves fugitives of the law. Finally, when Deepak demands an explanation from Shreya, she reveals the purpose of her secret adventure. Shreya is on a mission to join two hearts from an era gone by, in order to lay to rest the soul of her dearly departed father. Shreya enlists the help of Deepak in her quest and the two set out trekking through the villages of India in search of her long lost loved one.

But one night, after coming upon an old shrine, their journey takes a sudden twist, when the two realize their efforts so far have been in vain. Now, Shreya is faced with the new, more complex task of winning the heart of a loved one whom she has never known. But she must do so before the police find her. Faced with the constraints of time on one side and a broken heart on the other, Shreya struggles to triumph over the situation in which she finds herself.

This film is about the challenge that we all face, to transcend the boundaries of time and build bridges over the ruins of past injustice.


Karnataka has a record seven Jnanpith winners. And now an epic novel by the first winner, the late Kuppalli Venkatayya Puttappa (Kuvempu), has been brilliantly recreated on the big screen by Girish Karnad, who wrote, directed and stars in it.Kuvempu's 1936 novel Kanooru Heggaditi (Mistress of the Kanooru House), set in Malnad in Shimoga district of central Karnataka during the pre-Independence period, is now a Kannada feature film of the same name.

"This has been the best thing that has happened to me as a playwright," said Karnad, 61, after an exclusive screening (the film releases on November 19). "It was a challenge recreating Kuvempu's world." A challenge that has been well met by Karnad and his cast of talented actors. Shot on location in Malnad at the foothills of the Western Ghats, the film depicts the feudal society of Kuvempu's novel with great authenticity.

The film revolves around the struggle for dominance in the House of Kanooru. The baton passes, with much drama, from Chandrayya Gowda (Girish Karnad) -- the new village chief -- to his wife, a young girl called Subbamma, and then to his nephew Hoovayya. How Hoovayya, whose lover Seethe is married off to his brother by a scheming Brahmin, manages to bring fulfilment to the title of the film is the climax of Kanooru Heggaditi.

A lot is packed into the movie, the price of compressing a 600-page novel into a 150-minute film. But it doesn't lose out on the ambience of the 1930s. The socio-cultural landscape of Kuvempu's Malnad along with its lush green jungle, heavy rain and old houses are portrayed with a surety and a realism that comes from Karnad's years of theatrical and cinematic experience.

Karnad, who wrote the screenplay and played the lead role of Chandrayya, has put together a rare mix of talent, mostly raw, from stage and cinema. "Established actors would have required some de-schooling so I opted for amateur actors," says Karnad. Noted Kannada actress Tara excels as the female lead, Subamma. B.V. Karanth has composed a wonderful, lilting score to go with lyrics that had been penned by Kuvempu himself.

Kanooru Heggaditi is a refreshing film, but it may be Girish Karnad's last as director for a while. "This one really tired me," he says. But it looks like it was worth the while.

Movie shows List

Note: All movie listed above are only tentative list.
The movie shows and titles are subjected to change at any time

** Images are taken from Google and VikranataKarnataka.com

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