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Dear AKKA WKC 2014 Registrant,

We hope you are doing great and preparing for 8th AKKA World Kannada Convention 2014. This will definitely be a convention that everyone would talk about for many years to come.

In line with the convention theme of Saadhane we have made great progress to relive, portray, and publicize the names and works of achievers of the past and the present.

We are now focusing on the future achievers and aspirants. The kids of today are the rockstars and makers of tomorrow. Here is the great opportunity to portray and publicize the achievements and aspirations of the newer generation Kannadigas through AKKA WKC 2014.

To this effect we are requesting the following to be sent to this email akkawkc2014.kannadakids@gmail.com.

  • HD Photo - One picture for each of Your Kids who you would want to be publicized. A kid is defined as anyone that is less than 18 years of age as of Aug 31st, 2014. Please send a separate picture and email for each of the kids with explicit consent that you approve the usage.
  • Name of the Kid - If you do not want to provide the lastname, you can just provide the first name or a nickname.
  • Kid’s Achievement and/or Aspiration - It should only be one sentence long and cannot exceed 15-20 words. An example of achievement could be winning a District, State, or National Level Spelling Bee contest, Music contest, Sports contest, Literary Contest, AKKA Idol, etc.
  • Registration Number - In order to avail this privilege, you and your kid will need to be registered for AKKA WKC 2014 Convention. Please include the registration number in the email.

Photograph Specifications and Information Clarity:

  • Photograph should be 10 Mega Pixels or greater
  • Photograph should clearly show the face and above the waist length
  • Use bright lighting or outdoor for better clarity
  • Use a plain and light background instead of designs or natural surroundings
  • Do Not crop an existing photo as it will reduce quality
  • Ensure there are no spelling mistakes in the name
  • Ensure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes in the one line sentence

This will be open only until Aug 22nd 2014 5PM PST. Hurry!!

Please read the following and provide your explicit consent/approval before you send the information being requested.

  • Usage Rights: By sending the photograph and the information requested, you agree that AKKA WKC 2014 can use the Kid’s photograph on any media including but not limited to AKKA online website and mobile app, printed material including souvenir book, electronic and non-electronic display boards, and virtually any place in and around San Jose Mc Enery Convention Center. AKKA WKC 2014 may also share the pictures on the TV Channels and any online media for education, promotion, telecasts or other purposes either live or as recordings anywhere in the world.
  • No Revoking Rights: Once you provide the information and the photograph, you won’t be able to withdraw your entry and cannot revoke the usage rights.
  • No Claims for Non-Usage: Depending on the number of entries received, quality, and any other criteria that the AKKA WKC 2014 team makes, the photos received may or may not be used and to that effect the AKKA WKC 2014 team will not be required to provide the reasons for non-usage.
  • No Compensation Provided: You understand that AKKA WKC 2014 will not be paying any compensation for the photo or information you are going to send.
  • No Liabilities: You won’t hold AKKA WKC 2014 liable if the photographs get forwarded or reshared on any media (digital or non-digital). This is especially true since people may photograph or videograph the areas where the your kid’s photo may be displayed.

AKKA WKC 2014 team means good for your kids and will take all necessary steps to safeguard the information you have provided, however due to external forces outside AKKA WKC 2014 control, sharing cannot be predicted, controlled, or governed.

Finally, please remember that this policy does not have an end date.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

AKKA WKC 2014 Team