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Welcome to the Entertainment section of the 8th AKKA WKC’s virtual home! We are working hard to bring a variety of creative and outstanding programs, and with your active participation, we aspire to make the 8th AKKA WKC a truly treasured experience for everyone.

Motivated by our convention theme slogan of “Saadhane . Sambhrama . Sankalpa (ಸಾಧನೆ, ಸಂಭ್ರಮ, ಸಂಕಲ್ಪ)” – we have set out to build a home – a dream home. The foundation to this dream home has been laid with the abundant talent and 40+ years of rich, collective experience in our Kannada Koota. Our volunteers have raised the strong walls of this home with their professionalism and hard work, while our Executive team has provided the much needed roof. However, this house is not yet ready. It simply cannot be completed without your contribution, which will make this construction an actual dwelling.

Program Director/Producers – can you paint this house with the brilliant colors of high-quality programs?

Individual Talents – are you interested in getting noticed by the Program Directors/Producers to render your creativity and talent in their programs?

Most importantly, the Audience – can you illuminate this home with your presence, decorate the home with the pearls of your suggestions/feedback, bring in fresh air of your admiration, and enliven this abode with the sound of your applause?

With your participation, our goal is to provide the audience the programs that possess one or more of these characteristics.
  • Spectacular (rich with visual aids)
  • Thrilling (twists in the plot, surprise elements, climax, etc.)
  • Grandeur (showing opulence through props/video support etc.)
  • Breathtaking (adventurous)
  • Glamorous (attractive)

Meet the AKKA WKC 2014 Entertainment Committee.

We are looking forward to a great event and make the convention a grand success.

Best regards,

AKKA WKC 2014 Entertainment Committee