2004 World Kannada Conference
2004 World Kannada Conference 2004 World Kannada Conference
2004 World Kannada Conference
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Srigandha Kannada Koota of Florida is proud to say that the 2004 AKKA World Kannada Conference held in Orlando, Florida, September 3-5, 2004 was a big success.

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  • Conference Chairperson's letter: Dr. Renuka Ramappa's letter dated 9/20/2004 to registrants that could not attend WKC2004 due to hurricane.
  • Conference Chairperson's letter: Dr. Renuka Ramappa's letter dated 9/20/2004 to people who attended WKC2004.
  • WKC2004 Photos: Please visit Photo Gallery to view photos from the convention. More photos will be uploaded soon.

Message from AKKA WKC 2004 Chairperson and Convention Committee

Date: September 12, 2004

Dear Kannadigas,

The AKKA WKC 2004 meeting held in Orlando during Labor Day weekend was a success despite the hurricane Frances, who visited at the most inopportune time. The organizing committee agonized over the decision whether to proceed or to cancel the meeting when it became apparent that the hurricane was going to pass over Orlando. Knowing that the path taken by a hurricane is very unpredictable, we weighed many pros and cons and finally came to the decision to go ahead with the convention. Here are some reasons that influenced our decision:

• Many attendees had already come to Orlando on Thursday and many more were to arrive on Friday morning. Moreover the entire delegation from India - the dignitaries as well as numerous artists - was already settled in the resort in Orlando. Too much had already been invested, for which there could not be any refunds if the meeting was to be canceled (fixed investments like food supply, airfare, production costs, decoration etc.)

• The resort officials assured us that it was one of the safest places to be in a hurricane, built specifically to the most recent codes to withstand major categories of hurricanes. However, we contacted everyone by phone and email and apprised them of the situation in Orlando, so that everyone could make an informed decision of their own. Many changed their flights to Tampa and transportation was arranged to Orlando. We are fully aware that the premature closure of Orlando airport at noon on Friday caused some to change their plans. However, we are confident that there were no safety issues that were ignored.

• To postpone such a complex meeting to another time would not be possible as the resort was not available for a future date. The financial losses also would be too heavy a burden to bear. No amount of insurance could compensate for the ‘human investment’ that had already been made for the meeting.

About 1500 people participated in the three day event and gala. Those who attended felt very safe in Orlando and all were of the opinion that it was a very successful convention. The quality of the programming was superb, catering to all appetites, and the food was abundant and sumptuous.

We are well aware that many people who could not attend are concerned about the registration fees. We plead for your understanding as this event was unique because we were caught in the cross winds of a storm and many who had intended to attend were denied that opportunity by the fury of Mother Nature.

AKKA is a not for profit organization. The cost to the attendees of this biennial event is kept low only because it is heavily subsidized by donations collected from the largesse of Kannadigas. This year, as before, many generous Kannadigas came forward with donations.

We pledge that we will make a good faith effort to return at least part of the registration fees to those who could not attend, after the final tally of our accounts are completed.

Dr. Renuka Ramappa,
AKKA WKC 2004 Chairperson
AKKA WKC2004 Convention Committee


Last Updated : September 7, 2004

Evergreen singer of Kannada Film Music will be performing at WKC2004. DO NOT MISS this opportunity to see and hear him sing songs from yester years and today. He will be enteraining us on September 4, 2004 in the evening. Come and Enjoy!!!! For other entertainment programs at WKC2004 Click Here .
Bharatanjali , a group Bharatanatyam feature choreographed by B. Bhanumathi, will perform at the Convention. Some of their landmark productions include Sambhavami Yuge Yuge, Sri Krishna Darshanam, Shivam Shankaram and Bhakti Yogam Upasmahe. One of the many excellent reviews include ...the dancers were not only beautiful, but their co-ordination and perfect movements were a joy to watch....
AKKA will host FIRST EVER MISS AMERIKANNADA PAGENT. To register for this exciting event PLEASE CONTACT SUPRIYA DESAI @ 919-854-9989 (email: supriyadesai2000@hotmail.com) or GOVINDRAJ AT 561 662 4656 OR email: raj@targetengineering.com. See Youth Section for more details.
Number of Dignitaries will grace the AKKA WKC 2004 convention. Florida Attorney General Charlie Christ, Chief Minister of Govt. of Karnataka Dharam Singh, Deputy Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Former Chief Minister S.M. Krishna are among the few of prominent personalities. For a full list of invitees, Click Here
Philanthropist Premchandra Sagar and Minister of Govt. of Karnataka Mr. P.G.R Sindhia will be attending Business Forum activities at the convention.

Online Registration: Register online for the AKKA WKC 2004 Convention. Intermediate Registration date extended to : 8 AM EST, September 1, 2004 . Please visit our registration page for more information.

Online Booking for accomodations: Book rooms online for the AKKA WKC 2004 Convention at the grand Gaylord Palms Resort. Accomodations for AKKA Convention Attendees Only are specially priced at a fabulous discounted rate of just $85. NOTE: Limited Rooms available at this discount price, so book yours early! Click here to access the online booking.

All forms such as The Registration forms, Cultural Entry Forms, Booth Registration Forms, etc are available for download. Click here


  We are happy to announce that the Convention Committee has successfully negotiated accomodation for the Convention attendees, at the luxurious Gaylord Palms Resort for only $85 per night. Since charges here run up to $220 a night, this is an offer unsurpassed! Please mention that you will be attending the AKKA conference when you make reservations. You can enjoy a wonderful vacation in Orlando by making reservations at this price for upto nine days starting three days before the conference and ending three days after. Please call Gaylord Palms at 407-586-2000 for reservations. To learn more about Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Centre, visit www.gaylordpalms.com.

We welcome suggestions, input and feedback from you regarding the AKKA Convention 2004. Please send them to wkcorlando@yahoo.com Thanks.

Visit www.goldennests.com for more info
Convention Fast Facts
• The Gaylord Palms resort provides state-of-the-art convention meeting facilities and accomodation under one roof.

• The Grand Osceola Ballroom has a seating capacity of more than 4000.

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